Meet Andy, The Personal Trainer

Meet Andy, The Personal Trainer

Aaron Collins

My name is Andy Vo and for the majority of my life I have struggled with being overweight as well as depression. For as long as I can remember I was always a bit bigger than my peers and the funny thing is that for the most part I didn't even know I was overweight! Throughout grade school I had just assumed I was different and that's the way it was always going to be. I assumed that for the rest of my life I would always have to buy 3XL shirts and pants, that I was always going to be picked last to play soccer, and that I was always going to be unhappy. Kids can be mean, and I quickly learned that the image or the names that these kids give you can follow you for years.

        Fast forward to high school and not much changes until the day I decide to make fitness a priority. I can say that without a doubt this choice not only saved me physically, but also mentally. Fitness gave me a way to distract myself from the horrors of being so different, and for reminding me that I wasn't as alone as I had thought. Fitness gave me a reminder that picking up a knife in my kitchen and ending it all was not the only way out.

        For me, fitness is so much more than just lifting weight and losing weight, it's abut feeling good about yourself and giving yourself the opportunity to become something you never once thought was possible. This is why I do what I do. Personal training to me is much more than just giving people exercises to do and diets to follow. To me, personal training is my way of making the society I grew up in better. It is my way of helping people out of the same situation I was in. It is my way of helping people wake up everyday with a goal rather than a disappointment. For me, personal training is my way of helping people both mentally and physically achieve something they never thought was possible. My goal isn't to give people confidence, it is to allow them to be confident in themselves.