Liana Timbol

Society has changed, and we've noticed it's getting better. We recognize that society is evolving to be more accepting, loving, and caring. So we want to help do something positive. Express & Escape began to help give people a symbol to wear. A symbol of self-acceptance and self love. With your support, we can help end the stigma that brings such a negative light on mental illness. 

With an array of shirts, hats and accessories, Express & Escape apparel is meant to make you feel comfortable in your own skin. No matter what anyone is suffering with, no one should feel like they're any less of normal. There will be no judgment or exclusion.

A portion of the proceeds with be donated to the Oolagen Charity which focuses on children's mental health advocacy. Their mission is to help young people and their families recognize their strengths and help make a positive change. They believe in the youth and their intelligence and knowledge. They address issues such as poverty, racism and unemployment in their work.

They believe in the strength of young children and believe they can make a change. With your help we can help them spread positivity, acceptance and support. This is the beginning of something great.

To learn more or donate yourself visit http://oolagen.org/ for more information.